Postpartum Virtual Retreat


But let me tell you... Postpartum care is just as much about you as it is about your baby! The healthier you are, the better you can love + support your little one. 

Postpartum care is probably the last thing on your mind. After all, you are preparing for birth and a new baby. Who has time or money to dedicate to anything else? Or maybe you feel selfish to focus on your own care postpartum. It should be all about the baby.
May 17 - 21, 7:00am HST / 12:00pm CST
Our virtual retreat is tailored for all mamas welcoming a baby into the family!

This retreat is for you if you are...

  • Looking for honest + holistic postpartum education and techniques

  • Tired of guessing how to prepare for your postpartum journey 

  • Searching for information from experts, not just another person's opinion

  • Wanting to THRIVE, not just survive, postpartum 

Virtual Retreat Schedule

All sessions start at 7:00am HST / 12:00pm CST

  • Welcome + Retreat Overview

  • Unearthing Your Inner Mother

  • Seven Layers Deep

  • Success Loop

  • Meditation, workbooks, + more

  • Pelvic floor assessment

  • Common Issues 

  • Beneficial Exercises and Breathing Techniques

  • Exercise videos and meditation

Nourishing You Body & Mind

  • Postpartum Nutrition

  • Healthy Postpartum Practices

  • Mental Health and Wellness

  • Meditations

  • Virtual Coffee Hour - 2pm HST / 7pm CST

Motherhood Ergonomics

  • Mom life posturing

  • Exercising and returning to movement

  • Healthy habits

  • Meditations

Postpartum Prep + Confidence

  • Breastfeeding Basics

  • Action Steps to prepare your home and your support team

  • Your Not-To-Do List

  • The One Thing

  • Lying in Planner

  • Schedule consultations

  • Course Wrap Up


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MAY 20


MAY 21


MAY 19


MAY 17


What to Expect, Pelvic Floor Health

If you are unable to make a session, you will have access to the recordings to go back to when you are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is an online course going to help me be prepared for postpartum and life with baby?


Thrive will prepare both your mind and your body. We do a lot of heart work to prepare you for the responsibility of motherhood. It is a huge life switch and we believe starting with the heart is the most important. Then we cover all the need to knows like:

  • Breastfeeding Basics

  • Healing your Core and Pelvic Floor

  • Mental Wellness Postpartum

  • How to Nourish Your Body

  • How to Establish a Supportive Community

  • How to Replenish and Balance Hormones

And so much more!

Why is preparing for postpartum important? When baby comes I will just figure it out as I go?


Not having a plan for postpartum is like choosing to run a marathon and never training. It would be the same as going to a new country and not doing anything to prepare yourself for the new culture and experiences you will be having.


Postpartum is an extremely important time for the mother to prioritize her wellbeing and care. I like to say that as much care baby needs and deserves, mothers need and deserve the same during postpartum. 

Wanna know why that is NOT selfish to invest in your own postpartum care?

Because you are the nurturer of your family. You will be serving and pouring into your family for the rest of your lives. You MUST care for yourself so you can be whole and healthy for the long run. You deserve to be whole mama. 

I already have a child/ or children, this is not my first rodeo, why would I need to take a course on postpartum? 

In this webinar and online course, we navigate a lot of intentional practices to help mothers explore who they are, and how they hope to mother. Many women never take the time to meditate on these things and they are tried and true practices that can be visited over and over. 


Beyond that, as a mother of multiple children, my guess is that you have not focused on healing your core and pelvic floor, or how to replenish your body the first year after birth. Those models in this course are worth it all in themselves! 

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You deserve to Thrive Postpartum and this is how you will do it!

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